Estranged siblings Charlotte and Neil are entangled in the lives of their younger selves. When they reunite to make decisions about their future, they are surprised to discover the truth of their past. Now, they must choose between nurturing or severing the roots of their family tree.

Winner of the 2013 Festival of New American Plays.

 Playwright Kelly Younger may be young but he is quickly establishing himself in a crowded field.

– 88.9 WVCE

: left;”> This World We Know certainly engages in a kind of excavation — probing beneath the surface of a troubled relationship between a brother and sister at two different points in time. … Despite the comparatively small cast, This World We Know teases out a whole family history riddled with secrets and betrayal and hope. 

– Celia Wren, Richmond Times-Dispatch

 … play transitions between the past and present as this tale of family, forgiveness and mending old wounds unravels. … The serious, yet relatable overtones of the play are broken up by moments of humor …

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